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Born Otober 11, 1953 in Lansing, Michigan, U.S.A. My entire life, my major interests have been reading, studying, and writing. I also like traveling, singing, taking photos, and conversing with people. I have always been interested in the news and what is happening in the world. My inner life and being in nature are also important to me. I'm a nomad, moving from one place to the next, experiencing the good and bad of different locales. I've lived by the sea, in the desert, in the mountains, in large cities and in rural areas. I can't say what I like best; each place has something special, although preference is to live next to water, if possible. I am a tree lover. I really see trees; you might my even say I worship them. It seems most of the photos that I take are of trees. I have been developing my ability to communicate on a telepathic level with animals, trees, and even people. My primary profession for the past 24 years has been teaching ESL. I have also worked as an executive assistant, legal secretary, and temporary administrative assistant. In my avocations over the past decade, I have worked unceasingly as a political activist and lightworker. I more or less follow the shaman's path with dreams, ceremonies, gemstone healing and sound healing, communicating with spirit, and visioning. I call myself a peace visionary, but wrestle with my own tendency towards emotional violence that gets expressed in anger and rage. More and more, it seems, I find people's behavior towards each other and our planet intolerable. I often feel extremely alienated, but I understand that my exquisite sensitivity to the energy field, while making me more vulnerable, also makes it possible for me to tune into the heart of what's going on and to get the bigger picture. My viewpoint has been shaped by many forces, both inner and outer... by my students learning English, my friends from many different countries, my language studies and travels, living in other countries, my interests and studies, which are many and varied, including science and technology, economics, international politics, alternative energy and building techniques, architecture, art, music, history, feminism, the oceans, environmentalism, esoteric studies, literature, Asian culture, etc. I am single, I suppose by choice, although not always. It would seem that I have been repeatedly unlucky in love. If I am to have any dignity in my old age, I must resign myself to an ebb and flow in this regard, it would seem, although I would prefer a constant partner. I yearn for a constant partner, but like all yearning, it peaks and lessens, and sometimes entirely subsides. Despite never having married, I had the wonderful good fortune to have a son at the end of my 32nd year. Raising him as a single mother was never easy, but I had great joy along the way watching him grow and go through all of the stages of becoming a man. I have never been prouder of anyone than I have been of my son. When I was younger, it was so important for me to be independent; but, of course, I never really was. Then it was freedom that I really valued, but nobody is truly free in our world. Now, I suppose, I want to better understand how interdependent we all are, and to flow with what that really means in a graceful, open way.

Could humanity be evolving?

All this ballyhoo about the solar eclipse acting as some kind of portal for humanity to expanded consciousness had me eager that finally we would get the needed push to evolve, end wars and enjoy peace. Well, I’m still waiting, … Continue reading

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I’m a Tree Hugger!

I’ve been a tree hugger for decades, although I must say I’ve learned to make sure the tree I hug is not teeming with ants. I did not know the history of tree huggers, though. So I’m sharing this. It’s … Continue reading

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The Cosmos Within

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Songs of Trees – David Haskell “Life is Embodied Network”

“>Trees and Palestinians I just took part in a webinar December 29-30 to launch Ervin Laszlo and David Lorimer’s book, “The Great Upshift”. I am still integrating everything that was said in this interactive forum, but this idea of life … Continue reading

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Creating Peace Gemstone Healing Layout

I am attempting to share some of my Facebook posts here.

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Women Uniting Will End Wars

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Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza – United Nations Ineffective?

I’m listening to an emergency session of the United Nations General Assembly. They voted for a humanitarian ceasefire because the Security Council failed to do so because the United States blocked it. The Arab Group, a newly formed group of … Continue reading

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Russian New Year’s Greeting 2023

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Returning to my website

Walking in my neighborhood in Patzcuaro I haven’t done much with this website for years. Today I decided to start using it more. Let’s see if I can share a Facebook reel here. Yes, it works! I just previewed it. … Continue reading

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Star Glyph Crop Circle from 2005

Visioning the Design of a Harmonious Community in the Celestial Glyph Squares Within Squares Within Squares Originally Posted on the Crop Circle Connector website: Wed Jul 06, 2005 10:08 am Revised and Updated December 8, 2008 by Ariel Ky We … Continue reading

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