Global Love Lightworker Traveler’s Alliance

April 1, 2012

I slept in late today, having gotten to bed quite late, around 1:30 p.m.  No insomnia last night.  No grand thunderstormk keeping me awake.  I slept deeply and well, until about 10:30, I think, when the nosy old groundskeeper started sweeping the grass next to my hut.

I decided to go swimming, as I didn’t want to fight to stay asleep while he was spying on me and trying to get a peek at me.   I wanted to start my day differently than with a battle of wits with this crazy old man.

So I put on my swimsuit and the seagreen Chinese dress as a coverup and walked to the beach, where I’ve just spent the last couple of hours happily playing in the waves, beachcombing, and listening to the crabs sing.  I knew it was much later than I usually get up because high tide was long past and the water was ebbing.

First I walked out to a sand bar and then walked along it to see how far it went.  I still had my beach bag with me that held my flip flops and keys, and was wearing my dress.  Actually, I never took the dress off because it was hot enough for me to get a sunburn on my back again and I didn’t want to.

I ended up having to swim a little to pick up the sand bar further down, and then I went inshore.  There were all these flies and bees in the water, mostly dead, but some were still alive.  I made my way down the beach quite a bit further than I’ve been before, in a spirit of exploration.  Then I was beachcombing for a while, just looking mostly, but I did pick up a few shells.  And finally, I felt a strong desire to swim where the waves were coming in at one part of the beach.  It almost felt as though I were beckoned to go in at that point.  I was definitely alive to the possibility of the sea communicating with me or the Great Spirit directing me.  So I found a place to put my bag, and went back to swim.

As I was approaching the water, I got a message.  It came in a form that I’m familiar with, preceded first by an announcement that there was a message for me.  The message was, “We have a mission for you, if you choose to accept it.”  It’s kind of hokey, it’s like that TV show, Mission Impossible, I think it was.  Of course, I eagerly accept, not even knowing what it is.

By now, I’m heading into the waves, and they’re starting to come in strong.  What I’m hearing is kind of surprising.  Travel Alliance.  Global Lightworkers Travel Alliance.  Global Love Lightworkers Travel Alliance, that’s the group that I started back in the Bay Area in 2003, I think it was, when James and I both had Macs set up in our living room in that apartment where we lived near Lake Merritt in Oakland.  And I’m being given the mission to resurrect this group and make it a business.  It’s to help support myself and also a way for lightworkers to connect with each other again to work on various projects.  The original mission could be kept intact.

So as I’m body surfing the pretty large waves coming in in sets, I’m thinking of a pledge that lightworkers accept when they become members, to the effect that they will strive to do no harm and that they will endeavor to shift humanity into multidim


The purpose of forming the Global Love Lightworker Travelers Alliance is to begin a conscious process of alignment of interests of lightworkers, to unify our networks, to provide support to each other, both personally in whatever conditions we face, and in carrying out our missions as lightworkers, to actively practice loving kindness, compassion, acceptance and forgiveness in our relationships with each other, pledging to do no harm insofar as we are capable.

Our alliance  gives us a network to meet each other and get to know each other.  Members of the Global Love Lightworker Travelers Alliance will host each other in our homes free, although we will be considerate and bring some kind of appropriate hostess gift when we stay with someone, and contribute in some way to the work of the household so that we are not expecting to be treated as personal friends and guests, but as someone who has a light impact on the household.    Although reciprocity may never occur, it’s natural to expect that it might.  This alliance is for people mature enough to be involved in both giving and receiving in mutual supportive relationships.

Eventually this network could morph into an international trading network of services and products as a way for us to support ourselves with trustworthy partners who we know will follow enlightened business practices and principles.

Our overriding mission is to create a paradigm shift of higher consciousness into multidimensional awareness of how connected we truly are with each other and our planet at many levels, so that we do no harm, instead cocreating a more loving world which is a kinder and more beautiful place to live.

ensional consciousness.  I like the mantra of the Children of the One, that we strive to be loving, kind, compassionate, and forgiving, and that we do no harm.


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