About Me

I’m 58 years old, so it’s a little bit of a stretch for me to figure out how I want to present myself to people who might not know me at all when they read this.

My identity today is shaped more by the reality of being a resident of this planet than by nationality, but there’s no getting away from being an American and all that has meant in the way that I’ve been shaped by privilege, but also the experience of being a dissident my entire life, resisting the militarism that has been ever more prevalent. Still, I consider myself a Daughter of the Earth and SHE has my primary loyalty, not the United States of America which has done so much to harm her. Once a person understands this much about me, everything else will fall in place.

I’m not mysterious. I’m very open. All that said, I’m quite a complex person with many facets to who I am and I’m continually changing and evolving. I’ve been traveling the world the past seven years, living in a number of other countries to expand my perspective and experience other cultures and different ways of living. Primarily I’ve made my living as an ESL teacher.

What defines me today? I consider myself a peace visionary. This doesn’t mean that I’m always the most peaceful person; I’ve got a hell of a temper. Still, I don’t go around killing people and I do think that it’s got to stop, especially warfare being a lucrative industry.

I also think of myself as a pioneer on the borders of the unknown within us. So I devote myself to understanding my dreams, to visioning and daydreaming and reflective thinking on questions about who we are, what we are, what we’re doing here, how much we’re part of this planet or parasites, the true nature of reality, the reality of other dimensions, how we can travel space by going within, what it means to explore the inner universe, how to shift consciousness, the unified field of energy, how to shift paradigms, activating awareness, shaping reality, creating systems, and other serious and intense issues. I wish that I were a little more playful about all this.

So I’m a writer who is largely without an audience because I never seem to get together to organize myself or market or promote myself. It kind of goes against the grain to do this. I would like to have more of an audience, and if I’m ever to be effective, I must do this… but maybe I can find someone who really believes in what I’m trying to do who will help me on that score.

I think I’m kind of an undisciplined Internet junkie, continually getting stimulated and excited about what I discover, but not taking the time to really establish my own presence. I like to correspond with friends and comment on other people’s writing. This swallows enormous amounts of my time. Then I consciously have to live a real life. If I never had to eat, the chances of this happening would be much worse. At least eating keeps me connected to my physical body.

Sleeping is the direct opposite, although it’s also a physical need. However, sleeping takes me into other realities and dimensions. Sometimes it’s marvelous and other times it’s a lot of work and unsettling. Usually it’s still interesting even if I don’t like what’s happening in the dream.

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