New Earth Council

March 25, 2012

Here it is, 2012, and I don’t see much happening or different than the way the world has been for some time.  However, a lot has changed in the past decade while the 2012 movement waxed and waned.  Nevertheless, 2012 is upon us and we really can’t let this year pass without taking advantage of this opportunity to create some magick for each other.

I’m as guilty as anyone for not following through and making sure that we were ready to make the great shift in consciousness… at least not on the surface.  If you have consciously been walking a spiritual path, then maybe you have also experienced tectonic shifts within you… initiations, deep understandings, revelations, integration, further healing and dealing with dark stuff that surfaces from the past.

So here we are, more or less, prepared to take the initiative, and shift into a higher consciousness.  And I think it’s important to have some 2012 events, to come together, to consciously  collaborate all of who we have become with what each other has also evolved into.  Maybe we’ve worked together in the past, and it didn’t work out so well.  We came together for a while, and then fell apart for a number of reasons.  We may have achieved some goals, but not others.  That doesn’t mean that we can’t work together well now, as we’re not exactly who we were before.

I want us to use this opportunity of the sacred year of 2012 to consciously cocreate community with each other, in every way we know how.  It is time for lightworkers to merge and emerge as a force in the world.

I see the New Earth Council playing several roles this year:  1) as a central clearinghouse for lightworker events and news, 2) as a catalyst for communities to form and coalesce in cyberspace as well as our physical reality, 3) as a shared resource bank, 4) as a website host and sponsor for events, 5) as a council of lightworkers from many different countries who publish stances on issues and encourage engagement in developing answers to global problems from a higher consciousness, 5) as an educational resource that helps school, teachers, and students to develop materials that help shift consciousness, 6) as a multi-media publishing house that produces movies, music, and materials for developing multi-dimensional consciousness, and 7) as a source of partial or full-time income with a broad range of opportunities in media production, systems busting and building, international trade and cooperative businesses.

I’m sure many of you are asking yourselves, how could this mushroom overnight for lightworkers to have such a major presence in the world this year, so as to present a real alternative to the way things have been operating?  I don’t have all the answers, but if the time is right, and I think it is, the projects will take seed and grow and flourish very quickly, like leaves coming out on the trees when spring arrives in a temperate climate at the end of a long winter.

What does 2012 really mean?  We know it’s the end of certain cycles of time, and perhaps even time as we’ve known it.  How have we known time?  Has it truly been a linear progression of events, seconds, hours, days, months and years passing in our personal lives and our collective ones?  I believe if we to share our actual experiences with the passage of time, that it will be far more varied and intricate than that simplistic model.  Nevertheless, it’s what we’ve agreed upon, and we’ve pretty much stuck to that model, and dismissed any anomalies that didn’t quite fit.

If you’ve followed dissident physicists as I have, then you’re familiar with the latest model of the time space continuum being toroidal in nature, far more toroidal than linear.  Actually, I’m fascinated with this model, not to say that I fully understand it more than you do.  However, understanding this toroidal model of time will give us a more complex, fuller and richer understanding of how time truly operates.  Really, a 3- dimensional reality is far too simplistic to encompass everything that we experience, and trying to reduce everything that occurs to us into that simple model is getting to be almost impossible.

There always was more to our reality than a three-dimensional world.  Some people explored it more fully, and others just had brief glimpses.  Some people, such as Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Jules Verne, Helen Keller, and Nicolas Tesla, to name a few, seemed to have inhabited a multidimensional world much of the time.  Most people with a strong spiritual life, an inner life that they’ve nurtured and paid attention to, have been aware that there is far more than meets the eye in this world of ours.

I guess what’s coming in 2012 is more and more people developing the consciousness of our multi-dimensional world and the opportunities and portals that awareness presents.  Eventually it will be so well-accepted, that people who continue to insist that nothing is real but what your five senses can confirm for you, will be pitied as flat-worlders were after most people finally understood that the world was round…  hopelessly out of it, absurdly unwilling to consider new evidence that shows a different truth, a flat-footed contrariness to accepting facts that contradict their rigid ideas, a holdover from an older paradigm that no longer worked.

So let’s examine our notions of time, and how they are changing.  Is 2012 the end of time, or is it the end of time as we’ve known it?  I tend to think it’s the latter.  I’ve always been too optimistic to give credence to apocalyptic or doomsday views.

What’s different about a toroidal perception of time?  How does that actually impact our lives?  If we see time as a big donut-shaped coil that we can keep turning around and around and even inside-out, then the juxtaposition of events that would otherwise by decades apart may not be so far distant.

We can move in time and jump in space in our awareness, as some of us already do in the dreamtime when we meet people who have died, or make love while we’re asleep with our lover in another country.   Perhaps we could even visit ourselves at different ages.

I once had an artist/writer friend in LA who invited me to visit the Huntington Art Gallery to see a portrait of William Blake, a man who she felt such an affinity for, that she considered him as a kind of mentor, even though he was long dead.  She’d heard that I could see auras and wanted me to witness her encounter with William Blake in his portrait and report to her what I saw happening.  She stood immobile a few feet back from the large painting on the wall, gazing on Blake’s portrait.  I saw an energy field the shape and size of his body in the painting emerge from it, cross the space between them, and settle into the body of my friend.  Later, when I shared what I saw with her, it was simply corroboration for what she had experienced.

I personally went through a stage that lasted about two years when I was reading every book that I could find which Teilhard de Chardin had written.  I often dreamed that we had long conversations in my sleep, and when I experimented with reading French out loud, I felt that the voice which came out of my body with such an interesting French accent, was in reality, his voice coming through me.  How do you catalog experiences such as these tidily into a linear space-time continuum?  Either they were figments of our imagination, or clues to a multi-dimensional reality with quite a different space-time continuum that isn’t linear in nature.

Teilhard de Chardin introduced the concept of cosmogenesis to me, that our universe is continually becoming more complex, continually changing, ending and beginning.  So 2012 simply marks the ending of a simpler time to one of greater complexity, more developed models, less simplistic and more accurate.  Our social models must necessarily change as well, and become more reflective of the great complexity of our changing circumstances.

I like to think that we’ve tried mightily to separate our spiritual life out of our business affairs, to separate our spiritual life from our material life, and even to compartmentalize our affairs to the extent that Americans could fail to see how attacking other countries and inflicting great harm on the people could have anything to do with the price of gas.   What this shift means is that we can see more and are no longer so blinded as to not know that when we cause harm to others, we harm ourselves as well.

And with this shift of consciousness, perhaps we will choose to be more loving, more forgiving, more accepting, kinder, better people who go out of their way not to harm others, but to do what we can instead to make other people happier.  Of course, this begins first within each one of us, but gets easier and easier as more people to choose to live with this kind of consciousness.

New Earth Council Charter


Recognizing that the fate of the human race is at stake, women and men everywhere feel called to join together to shift the energy here on Earth to a higher plane of spiritual oneness. We have a mission in common that none of us can realize alone.


We are committed to bring in a new way of Being to save all life on Earth. We are retrieving what has been lost of how to live in harmony and creating it anew.

We are changing the social structure away from hierarchy, dominance, and exclusivity to one of equality, respect, and inclusiveness.

We seek to balance the male and female energies from the heart of Source. We radiate the light of love and harmony. We also strive to balance the male and female energies within each one of us by harmonizing both being and doing as we follow our given paths.


1. We respect and cherish our differences, whether they be of nationality, appearance, language, education, religion, marital status, economic status or lifestyle. We agree that we are expressing the same energy of the life force that births our oneness despite our many different ways of being human.

2. We lovingly support each other in our journeys.

3. We agree to commit ourselves to forgiveness of ourselves and each other, insofar as we are capable, at both an individual level and collectively as countries.

4.  We commit ourselves to effective solutions to the problems that we face collectively.  We commit ourselves to cooperating with each other to care for each other and our planet.




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