Women’s Earth Council

I’ve just formed a Google group,


This is a women’s leadership group being formed to empower women by developing a new business model which I call Genesis, based on the principle of sharing. Initially, we will be putting in place a loosely affiliated international trade network with a central bank, using money, credit and barter to empower women and workers at the bottom rung of society, starting with supporting farmers, especially farm women in materially improving their lot. It is my intention that Genesis will provide jobs for anyone in the world who wants to work, at whatever their capability and desire.

I am personally inviting women from many different countries who are known for their commitment to empower women: writers, teachers, healers, politicians, shamans, community activists, dissidents, feminists, academics, researchers, and more generally, any and all women who want to make better lives for themselves, their families and friends, as well as their community, city, state or region, country, humanity and the planet.

The Women’s Earth Council is only for women, and we will speak out on any issue that impacts us, continually issuing statements and comments on both longstanding concerns as well as current issues. The Women’s Earth Council will work closely with the New Earth Council, which is to be comprised of both women and men. Both organizations have been formed to balance the energy and power between women and men and to contribute to develping multidimensional consciousness of our oneness.

The Women’s Earth Council is an evolutionary body that developed out of the Quan Yin Women’s Earth Council founded by Helen Engler and Onrael (Victoria Witkowsky) that was an active online group in 2002-2003. Victoria’s death and Helen Engler’s declining eyesight led me to take a leadership role in that group, but divisions concerning the role of men in the group and the value of channeling were seemingly insurmountable. Internal political wrangling led me to leave the group, which lost steam after that.

Since then, I’ve thought a lot about how humanity can evolve consciousness. What I’ve come to realize is that we must approach our evolution from every angle, not just spiritually, but also physically, emotionally, mentally, and energetically from both an individual perspective and a collective one.

2012 brings us to the end of time as we’ve known it, and our understanding of the time-space continuum as a toroidal continually rotating process rather than a linear progression will have an even more profound impact on our lives than the realization that the world was round.

We have tremendous energies pouring in and the unified field of loving energy that is bringing us into oneness consciousness is taking us very rapidly into a different kind of world than we’ve known. Women must step forward to absorb these energies and focus them on empowering ourselves to make the changes that we need to make personally and collectively.

My understanding is that the awakening of women into common cause to bring up the poorest of the poor will change everything in our world this year and quicken the spirit of caring for each other and sharing our resources and knowledge, so that we can end the wars and violence, and break the patriarchy’s death grip on our home — not in confrontation so much as developing viable alternatives that are more attractive to most people than what we have in place.

Will you join us in this endeavor that is being birthed?


Moving Forward
• In carrying out its mission, the Earth Council of Women will weave a global network of women who meet locally in circles of six to twelve members. We communicate with each other through the Internet and by publishing newsletters, articles and books. Our members may also reach out to other women by speaking at gatherings and on the radio, appearing on television, and producing movies.
• Through community involvement and political solidarity, the Earth Council of Women will promote a practical shift to peace, harmony, and a sense of oneness among people on Earth.
• The Earth Council of Women will also ground its mission and connection with each other by establishing an international trade network and internal bank, starting alternative economic systems that empower women, founding a women’s univeristy and schools, and forming intentional communities.
• Local gatherings of circles of women will be held with the changing of the seasons and regional gatherings (by country) will be held annually. Every three years or so a global gathering will be held of as many women who are able to attend.

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