Cheran Trip

When I first came to Michoacan at the beginning of June, I flew part of the way from Hermosillo to Guadalajara, and then I took a bus again to Uruapan. Along the way, I saw the small town of Cheran, which for some reason, really intrigued me.

This video was taken under cloudy skies on a rainy day. Lucille drove us. Sarah and her friend Aurora came, too. You can see photos of the four of us at the end, where we stopped at a little road side restaurant that Lucille knew of, and had lunch. We had a bit of a misadventure in the actual town of Cheran as Lucille was driving us around for me to get photos. Without realizing it, we went the wrong way down a one-way street and got stopped by the police. Fortunately, we got off with a warning, but we all had different ideas on how to interact with the police. Let’s say we were definitely not prepared to be stopped by the police.

I had learned a little about Cheran before our trip, and how this small Purupecha town high in the mountains had relied on timber for income. When Narcos came in and started illegally logging their woods, the women of Purupecha defended their livelihood in a confrontation where they blocked the logging trucks from coming in their road to town, arrested the loggers and set their trucks on fire.

After this successful resistance, the town of Cheran went a step further, and declared their independence from Mexico, which has been recognized by the government. Today they govern themselves in an unusual system of several councils. i would like to learn more about how they regulate their affairs. If I have any detals wrong in this account, please correct me in a comment.